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Before I begin to deliver this speech, I would like to invite you to thank to Allah the Almighty, who has given us mercy and blessing, so we can meet together in this blessing place. And also let’s deliver Sholawat and Salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW, who has brought us from the darkness to the brightness.

Ladies and gentleman, to celebrate an annual event of Earth Day, I would like to deliver a speech about “Environment”.

Environment where we live is very important for us. Why? Because, our environment is the place where we do all of our activities. That’s why we need to keep our environment clean and comfortable. Keeping the environment can be started from small things like, throwing rubbish in its place, cleaning our homes and much more.

Nowadays, the awareness of maintaining cleanliness of the environment is very concerning. There are so many people that don’t realize the important of environment. They keep throwing rubbish not in proper place. They also cutting trees without doing the reforestation. Those action make our environment getting worse.

Ladies and gentleman, in this good occasion I would like to ask all of you to keep our environment to be in good condition. Therefore, let’s us start from the very little thing: throwing rubbish in its place.

That is all my speech. I hope my brief speech about the environment will be useful for us. I am sorry for some mistakes. Thank you very much for your attention.
WasalamualaikumWr. Wb

link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd6cN6ALbcI

My Diary

In the morning  , i wake up from my bed and prepare my books to get study in my beloved faculity in tanjungpura’s university , in the day i was so happy , because i has finised my journal and report for practical work, so i can pas my day so well i guess , but i forget to do some excersies in the day. I so un happy that i was can collect my homework in the day , but the teacher , give me occasion , so i can collect my homework tommorow with some minus score… it was make me so unsatisfy, but this is my sad day. And at the night ,i was do my homework so well , because i dont want to get my bad day .

In the next day

On Thrusday

In the morning , i wake up from my bed ,  today i was free , so i spend my time to make a journal dan report , so i was killing me , because of there is always in my day . So i will take my responsiblity to get my title. In this day , i will do anything that i want. I can sleep and take a rest for recharge my stamina. Because my day will be get tired in the next day , in the night i have a dinner with my best friend . this is my day

On Friday

Alhamdulillah this morning can carry out dawn prayers in congregation. After the morning prayer I can finished my organic chemistry reports, today is my free day, I took advantage of the task instead of do more write my organic chemistry journal. I am proud to be a MIPA student because MIPA is a place of scientific science. My principle is do more and you will be get more 😎.

On Saturday

In this day , i am very busy and so tire because i feel like sick, i don’t know what happen to me , but i try to have my day with some recreation and play a game, like online game. So i will get my spirit to pas the day , when i will have many homework and journal or chemistry report.

On Sunday

Sunday usually other people do is lazy at home but it not look like me ,  who always have a busy time to do my work. That’s a mipa student ,  on Sunday to do the task. I still enjoy do my  journals and report. I think this journal and report will help me to get my special First grade, master or Ph.D in the future. 😑😎.

On Monday

In the morning, i wake up at 4 o’clock , i have to pray to ALLAH SWT , that i still have a healty and spirit to do some actvities today , so to day i started my day with my greatest excited to have a practical lab organic chemistry in the next 3 day , because of i have been finished my journal dan report. In the night , i spend my time for playing a game and recharge my self.

On Tuesday

Today is the last  my free day , that was so long , i feel the free day is not enough, but i will stay in pontianak because of in the next day ,i will go to study at my beloved MIPA faculity. So i will prepare my self for tommorow and keep my stamina , and in the night , i was sleep very enjoy.

On Wednesday

In the morning, i wake up and lets get my bike go to college, in this day , there is a practical lab ,  standart chemistry  practical lab, and i not was very scary because i have been finished my journal and report early.

My Future Business

If I had to do business for the future, I would choose the culinary business. Why I choose the culinary business?. Because the culinary business can be said to be “the business of the immortal” because from the first up to the culinary business anytime good food and this drink will never quiet be the consumer.
As we know, food and drink is one of the basic necessities are definitely needed by everyone, this is the cause why year after year culinary business is getting crowded. Moreover, Indonesia including the country with the highest consumption rate in the world that makes our opportunity to plunge in the culinary business is increasingly high. Indonesia is also very famous for its rich culinary diversity in each area. If we are observant, this fact can be used as a base material “inspiration” to start a culinary business.
Because I can not cook food that luxury so I chose business toast. It’s been a lot of people who cultivate business toast. This business can be run with small capital, whereas location to sell can on the sidewalk, tavern, Garden, and place the other crowds. This toast kind of business there are a great many, such as: fresh bread in the burn, then smeared cheese, burned again, and stacked into 1, and then given a chocolate in the middle or milk and ceress, as well as other flavored jams in accordance with the tastes of consumers.
In my opinion this business provide larger profits because the price of toast with a variety of flavors are quite affordable. With prices starting from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 15,000. I will offer a taste of chocolate, nuts, sugar-Apple, strawberry, pineapple, cheese and blueberries. Not only that, but it could be in the mix. Example of a pineapple with strawberry, chocolate with cheese, etc.

How To Make Fried Rice

What You Need


2 tablespoons minced ginger
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 cup diced carrots
1 cup fresh or frozen corn kernels, defrosted
1/2 cup fresh or frozen peas, defrosted
1/2 cup chopped scallions

For the rice
2 tablespoons grapeseed, canola, or peanut or vegetable oil
4 cups cold cooked rice

1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper
2 tablespoons soy sauce

1 large egg, beaten
1/4 cup toasted pine nuts, almonds, peanuts, or cashews
2 tablespoons minced cilantro (optional)


A 14-inch flat-bottom carbon steel wok
A fish spatula or other thin, flexible spatula for stir frying


1. Cut Up the Ingredients: The most important key to making a good stir-fry is cutting each ingredient to a uniform size as specified above. Cut the aromatics as directed and set them aside in a bowl. Finely slice, then mince, the ginger. Don’t grate it on a grater. Cut the vegetables and set them aside as well.

Optional Step – Egg Pancake: There are several ways of adding egg to your finished fried rice. You can simply cook in the beaten egg at the end of cooking, or you can make an egg pancake. To do this, heat the wok and add 1 teaspoon of oil. Swirl in the oil to coat the bottom of the wok. Add a beaten egg and tilt the wok so that the egg covers the surface like a crepe. Cook the pancake about 30 seconds to a minute until it’s just set. Use a metal spatula and flip the pancake and cook for 5 seconds or until set. Cut into small strips and add to fried rice near the end of cooking.

2. Prepare Your Wok Space: Set the bowls of vegetables, aromatics, rice, and soy sauce near your stove. Also, have a very small bowl of water next to the stove.

3. Heat the Wok: Turn on a stove burner, as high as it will go. Set a 14-inch wok over this high heat burner. To determine when the wok is hot enough, start flicking droplets of water from the small bowl into the pan after 30 seconds. As soon as a bead of water evaporates within 1 to 2 seconds of contact, the wok is heated and ready for stir-frying. Do not overheat the wok.

4. Pull Wok off the Heat and Add Oil, Then Stir-Fry Aromatics: Pull the wok off the heat and add 1 tablespoon of oil. Pick up the pan and carefully swirl it to coat the bottom and sides. (If the wok smokes wildly the moment you add the oil you’ve overheated the wok. Remove the wok from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes. When it’s cool enough to handle carefully remove the oil with paper towels, wash the wok, and start again.)

With the wok back over the heat, add the ginger and red pepper flakes and stir fry for 10 seconds or until fragrant.

5. Add the Carrots and Stir-Fry: Add the carrots and stir fry for 30 seconds, or until the carrots are bright orange.

6. Add the Corn and Peas and Stir-Fry: Add the corn and peas and stir fry for 1 minute.

7. Add 1 More Tablespoon Oil: Swirl the remaining tablespoon of oil into the wok.

8. Add the Rice and Scallions and Stir-Fry for 2 Minutes: Add the rice and scallions stir-fry for 2 minutes, breaking up the rice with the spatula until it is heated through.

9. Season the Rice: Season the rice with the salt and white pepper.

10. Add the Sauce: Pour the soy sauce around the edges of the wok and stir-fry.

11. Finish the Rice: Add the chopped egg pancake and pine nuts. Toss to combine. Alternatively, you can stir in 1 beaten egg. Stir-fry until the egg is no longer wet. Stir in the cilantro.

Ask an Expert

                       Ask an Expert

Hello guys, Back again with me Ziat ferdi. Now, I will tell you about a conversation brief me with a police.

Me: “Good afternoon, sir.”

Mr.Agung: “Good afternoon.”

Me: “My name is Ziat Ferdi, sir. May I know the name of the Father? ”

Mr.Agung: “Of course it should. My name is Agung. ”

Me: “I want to ask about the traffic rules. Traffic rules The example what, sir? ”

Mr.Agung: “Examples of traffic rules aplenty. Examples include Motor vehicle drivers must have a license driving (SIM), cyclists must wear engine helmets, obey traffic lights, and obey signs traffic. If the sister would cross the road to go through the crossing the street as the pedestrian overpass and zebra crossing. ”

Me: “So, what is the function of traffic rules, sir?”

Mr.Agung: “Its function is to regulate road users. In order ago traffic on highways become orderly and organized. If there is no traffic rules, people would have done arbitrarily. as a result traffic to a standstill. In addition, there will be a lot accident. So, the traffic rules as well to keep safety of road users themselves. ”

Me: “So everyone should obey the traffic rules yes, sir?”

Mr.Agung: “That’s true.”

Me: “Thank you, sir, for an explanation. Now I know the importance of traffic rules. ”

Mr.Agung: “Thank you. Be careful on the highway, yes! ”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

I can’t Imagine My Life Without Handphone



Have you imagine if no mobile phone is found? Let us give thanks to the gods who created man brain like today we can enjoy our convenient mobile use

I never imagined what if Martin cooper never find a mobile phone, then the human life so is difficult to communicate with the remote, let us thank him for the first time is the inventor of mobile phones because the intelligence is that we can communicate with the remote.

If I had to imagine, I think life without the mobile phone so is complicated because we are hard to contact our families much anything else at the moment we need aid that must be resolved on the same day, with the phone is we can communicate with the remote. Well then from the phone so is important in their daily lives, because of the presence of mobile phones we can solve the problem quickly not That’s still a lot of another such, trade with long distance so we did not need to bother anymore to get there is here to sell enough by promoting it through a virtual world where everyone can see it.

It turned out that the mobile phone is very important in our lives !!!